Focus on your hits...not your strike outs!!!

No one likes to talk about this, but you will experience failure. To be extraordinary, does not mean you avoid failure at all costs...it simply means if you experience failure, you “dust yourself off” and move on! I know that sounds easier said than done but you will have challenges, obstacles, and total failures. But when you are able to keep striving for your goal, even in the midst of failure that’s when you’re on the path to be extraordinary.

I have a lot of respect for baseball players. It’s one of the few careers where you will experience much more failure than success. In baseball, if you go up to bat 10 times…and you’re an excellent player, you might get 3 hits…which makes you are a potential Hall of Famer. Think about that! If you fail 70 percent of the time, you’re considered one of the all time greats! Imagine striking out seven times in a row but somehow having the mental tenacity to get back in that batter’s box, and go for that hit the next time you’re up.

"Hammering" Hank Aaron is known as one of the greatest power hitters of all time. As a young African American player, the closer he got to breaking Babe Ruth’s homerun record he actually received death threats. Babe Ruth was an American icon and there were plenty of people that wanted to see Hank Aaron fail. Well, he was able to persevere and broke Babe Ruth’s record of 715 homeruns. Before retiring, he went on to hit 755 homeruns. But although Hank had 755 homeruns, he had over 1,300 strikeouts.  If Hank Aaron would have focused on all his failure he would have never achieved so such success.…you and I can do the exact same thing! Focus on your hits, not your strikeouts!